Cats, Very Independent Pet

That cats are very independent pets are very well known. If you own one, you will know exactly what to expect from your kitty. and absolutely not. These little cats are endowed with a solitary and self-sufficient spirit. Compared to dogs, their degree of domestication is inferior and, every now and then, they do not make mystery of their wildest side.

How come cats are so independent?

Although they are pets and sociable, their personality changes and develops according to the people they live with. A study carried out by the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, has shown that cats do not need the human being to feel protected. A very strong sentiment, on the contrary, in dogs.

Cats like to interact with their bosses. But they don’t feel any bond of dependence, regardless of the environment. An element that becomes a trigger in the formation of a strongly solitary and independent personality. Tigers, lions and other felines of greater tonnage, are used to hunt alone and not in packs.

The researcher in charge of the study, Daniel Mills, said he had evaluated several aspects. Among these, in particular, behaviors and attitudes in the absence of the master, in addition to the amount and quality of contact between Cat and master.

The results have brought to light three irrefutable truths. First, cats are more sociable and communicative with those who know. In the second place is lacking any feeling of nostalgia, in the absence of the master. Finally, the signs of attachment to the household in which the animal lives are very unnoticeable.

Independent and always alert

In Europe, the cat is becoming the companion animal par excellence. Little by little he is reaching out and overcoming his colleague canine. More and more people spend their days in the office or at home. The advantages of owning cats are well known. Nutrition, physiological needs and play are activities that the cat can safely perform alone, at home. Newly formed families and young people consider it to be preferred to any other animal. Regardless of its very independent side.

Very few cats prove to suffer because of the absence of the master, even if it lasts for hours. The opposite of dogs. In fact, in most cases, the cat seems to be pleased with the temporary freedom. For those who prefer the dog, this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Yet the convenience of not having to think of anything, also represents a way to enjoy less anxiously the company of an animal. If you adopt a cat after the first time necessary to get him accustomed to the litter, you can forget about him. Autonomous, independent and silent, it is a very clean and not disturbing animal.

In fact, he often prefers to hide and stay calm, away from everyone. This does not mean, however, lack of affection. Its effusions are less constant and less pronounced than those of a dog. But this is its nature, more properly wild. The high level of self-sufficiency and security at the time of defending, or fleeing, make it easily free from a direct link with the master.

In very special cases, this relationship is developed in depth only with one or two members of the household. But this confidence disappears in the face of a possible danger, rediscovering the wild nature. If you bring your cat to a place that you do not know, from the vet or in the House to the sea, you will notice very strange behavior each time. Almost as if you yourselves were the perfect strangers.

Excellent Pets, Although Independent

Many of you, perhaps, will be asking the same question… Is it worth choosing the cat as a pet? Isn’t it better to adopt a dog? If you are undecided, here is a series of advantages that derive from welcoming a small feline in the house:

  • He’s always with you, in his own way, at every point in the house.
  • It’s fun and it does funny things, like when it plays with small objects.
  • He acts very politely.
  • He’s a smart animal and he learns fast.
  • It does not require special attention.
  • It also lives comfortably in small houses.
  • He must not be taken for a walk.
  • It’s very clean and respectful.
  • It is the best animal for those who are often away from home.
  • Perfect for the elderly, as it doesn’t require too much attention.

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